Why your next corporate incentive trip should be in Ibiza

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Ibiza is becoming a popular destination for international companies to jet over and host their annual meetings, client entertainment and team building trips.

Far away from the day long, dull, traditional seminars, experience-driven corporate incentives are now widely regarded as being the more productive and rewarding way in which businesses can truly develop their company culture and build stronger bonds with their clients.

Why is Ibiza a great place to organise your next corporate retreat?

First class venues and accommodation

As a leading holiday destination, Ibiza has an abundance of first-class venues and accommodation. From a large and well-equipped conference centre, to first class hotels offering an extensive array of services targeted at the corporate market, Ibiza is well placed to provide your group with a wonderful experience, removing the organisational stress.

If your group is smaller, and you really want to maximise your time away and have a more personal experience, we suggest you opt for a luxurious villa rental.  We believe the privacy and soothing atmosphere of a villa retreat is the best base camp for you to enjoy an intimate experience with your management team or a selected group of clients.  Having your own villa will allow you to fully manage your activity schedule and take advantage of all the extra arrangements and services available to you within the confines of your villa.

Good availability and reasonable pricing

Shoulder season in Ibiza (March – 15 May and 15 Sep – 15 November) presents the perfect opportunity for visitors to enjoy an island, which is mostly up and running, but without the usual invasion of tourists, overwhelming heat or astronomical prices often experienced during peak season.

The periods on either side of peak season, present a great opportunity to secure an exclusive venue for your event, find a good accommodation deal or successfully organise activities that would be almost impossible during peak season.

Weather and location

With temperate Mediterranean weather, Ibiza often enjoys glorious sunshine days and warm temperatures during the shoulder months allowing your group to escape from harsher Northern climates and enjoy what the island has to offer.

Located only one or two hours away from most European destinations, Ibiza is an easy to reach destination. Direct flights from numerous European hubs are operative mostly from March to the end of October, with some destinations keeping direct flights even during the winter months (UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland etc).

How can we help you?

We are a team of highly respected professionals who know the island inside out. Initially, we will review your brief and give you an honest overview of your options and what you can expect. Once we have decided what your goals are and how we will achieve them, you can leave the planning in our hands or be as involved as you want. Whatever your preference, we will report our progress to you regularly.

You can also choose how much you want us to do for your group. We can plan every aspect of your trip or only some elements:

  • – Getting to and from the island
  • – Transportation during your stay in private luxury vehicles
  • – Accommodation – hotels or private villas
  • – Catering
  • – Private events and venue reservations
  • – Conferences
  • – Team building activities
  • – Boat trips
  • – Premium beach club and club table reservations

We work with trusted, fully insured suppliers and a totally transparent and flexible pricing policy to suit each client’s needs. Whatever the purpose of you trip is, we can offer a personalised solution to assist you every step of the way of the planning process. Contact us for more information on your next corporate trip.

Magnetic Travel are concierge specialists with a team based in Ibiza. Learn more about our company or scroll down to view more from our blog.


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