5 most picturesque villages in Ibiza

Authentic, charming, and totally snap worthy, here are our top 5 most picturesque villages in Ibiza…

Es Cubells

Situated in the very south west of the island, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the island, Es Cubells is perfectly perched above a dramatic cliffside which gives this little village its spectacular backdrop upon entry. The real focal point of Es Cubells is its beautiful church which was reconstructed after the civil war. Today the church is a popular choice for weddings and celebrations, and with the amazing views and perfect setting, it’s not hard to see why. With only 2 small restaurants and very few inhabitants, this village in Ibiza has managed to retain its authentic Ibizan charm.

Did you know: Beyond the village centre lies one of Ibiza’s most impressive coastlines, home to some of the most luxurious properties on the island. Following the rocky road down beyond the village will lead you to an incredible viewpoint, secluded beaches and one of the best seafood restaurants on the island, Ses Boques!

San Carlos Ibiza

San Carlos

Located in the north east of the island amongst a valley of sweeping countryside, the sleepy village of San Carlos is at the heart to the islands famous bohemian culture and rural campo lifestyle. Las Dalias, the popular hippy market will attract most of the crowds to its popular weekly markets and events but most would argue that the real beauty of San Carlos can be found at the village centre.

Life in San Carlos moves at a very different pace to rest of the island and that’s no more evident than at the iconic Bar Anita, once the local post office and now the favourite hangout for the locals to enjoy their daily tipple. Bar Anita itself is postcard-esque, but the village is also to be admired for it its historic church, quaint restaurants and boutique shops that surround the square.

Did you know: The village of San Carlos is a gateway to some of the most naturally beautiful landscapes and beaches on the island. A short trip out of the village will take you to the highly regarded beaches of Aguas Blancas, Es Figueral, Cala Boix and Pou des Leo.

Central Ibiza

Santa Agnes

Located in the north west of the island and tucked away amongst rolling hills and lush countryside, is the idyllic village of San Agnes. This sleepy village is a dream for those seeking total peace and relaxation with plenty of opportunities to get off the beaten track and spend hours exploring hidden trails and immersing oneself in nature.

Following the winding road towards the coastline will eventually lead you to the unassuming yet highly regarded little restaurant known as Puertas del Cielo. This local’s favourite hangout is not only visited for its tasty authentic home cooking, but its beautiful location atop the cliffside which offers one of the best viewpoints to enjoy the iconic Ibiza sunset!

Did you know: Santa Agnes is a hotspot for walkers and keen photographers during the month of February when the valley is blanketed by the beautiful almond blossoms!

San Juan Ibiza

San Juan

High up in the north of the island, the charming village of San Juan reminds us of what life in Ibiza would have been like many years ago. The sleepy village is beautifully immersed in verdant nature and looming mountainsides whilst the centre is recognisable by the traditional Ibizan church, whitewashed stone buildings and the cobbled streets typical of the island.

However, it is not all peace and quiet in San Juan as every Sunday it becomes a booming social hub with its popular village market where local suppliers flock to sell their organic produce and artisanal goods and visitors gather to enjoy the live music and friendly company.

Did you know: San Juan has become an increasingly popular destination for foodies, with popular restaurants Giri Café, Shamarkanda and Gara du Nord all coming highly recommended!

San Agustin Ibiza

San Agustin

Hidden away in the hilly San Jose countryside and with very little signage pointing you there, makes finding the charming little village of San Agustin all the more rewarding! Entering the village is like a taking a step back in time and, as you follow the narrow cobbled streets and rustic stone-built buildings towards the centre, you will really appreciate the total tranquillity and well preserved nature of this village in Ibiza. Very small in size, San Agustin offers very little to do, but with reaching the beautiful church square you will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the sweeping countryside!

Did you know: For a romantic dinner under the stars, try Can Berri Vell located besides the church. Delicious refined dining in a preserved 17th century finca is a memorable experience not to be missed!


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