The top 8 things to do in Ibiza after lockdown

With the worldwide lockdown putting all travel plans on hold, there is now finally light at the end of the tunnel…

With international travellers being welcome back in Spain from 1st July, we are looking forward to experience with you what we hope will be a different and improved version of Ibiza. Now that we can all finally look forward to planning holidays with friends and family again, here are some of our top recommendations on how to enjoy the island in 2020 with your close ones in a relaxing, sustainable and replenishing manner.

Ibiza boat
  1. Take a boat trip to Formentera

Don’t they always say that you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone? Well for us the little, neighbouring island of Formentera couldn’t have felt any further away for the last few months. With the sunshine in full swing and temperatures rising, it has got us reminiscing of those dreamy days out at sea surrounded by good friends and a rose in hand.

Nothing gets us quite as excited as the first boat day of the season. Although we had to wait a little longer this year, good things come to those that wait and we can finally travel to Formentera from next Monday. A boat charter trip to Formentera should be first on your 2020 Ibiza to do list and we hope we can help you to organise this amazing experience!

Ibiza champagne

2. Indulge in a boozy brunch at your villa

With a somehow more limited entertainment offering, this summer is going to grant everybody a perfect opportunity to enjoy their beautiful villas to their full extent and that’s why we’ve created our very own special brunch menu to let you to indulge and party in the comfort of your villa.

There is no need to wait until the sun goes down to get the party started, a boozy brunch is the perfect way to kick your day off. Our team of professional chefs can prepare an amazing selection of all your brunch favourites along with cocktails and champagne aplenty for you to enjoy poolside at your villa.

Ibiza cinema

3. Entertain everyone at your villa with an outdoor cinema or karaoke night!

A real crowd pleaser and great way to spend quality time with your loved ones is the unique outdoor cinema experience. All you need to do is select your favourite movie, then leave the rest to us. Our specialists will set up a large cinema screen in the outdoor area of your villa and will add bean bags, candles, blankets and a popcorn machine to ensure you have a magical evening.

Another great alternative to the usual nightlife, is to host your own karaoke night complete with dress up, smoke machines lights and musical equipment!

Ibiza restaurant

4.  Dine outdoors

Before March, dining outdoors with family and friends was something that we all took for granted. Fast forward a couple months and we are glad we can resume one of our favourite pastimes and savour the delight of eating together outside!

Whether is countryside dining under olive trees, dipping our toes in the sand with stunning tableside sea views or being amongst the hustle and bustle of the Ibiza Old Town at night, making the most of dining outdoors in Ibiza this summer is essential!

Ibiza sea sunset

5. Watch the iconic Ibiza sunset again

Nothing is quite as mesmerizing and iconic as the sunset in Ibiza. This daily ritual has always been synonymous of good times and bringing everyone together to create lasting memories.  Whether your preferred viewpoint is the sunset strip in San Antonio, the cliffs of Cap des Falco, Es Vedra or the enchanting Benirras beach, please make sure that you don’t miss out on this magical Ibiza experience!

Ibiza sea

6. Explore the outdoors

We all have an itching for the freedom and endless opportunities that exploring the great outdoors brings. Fortunately, in Ibiza we are blessed with stunning natural beauty on every corner and there is certainly an array of fantastic opportunities waiting for groups and families of all ages. Take your pick of anything from trekking epic coastlines and biking through verdant countryside to reaching hidden coves by kayak and deep-sea diving to discover a new world underwater, getting outdoors this summer and connecting with nature is a must!

Ibiza fitness

7. Stay fit and healthy

Being locked in has inspired many of us to dust off our trainers and take on a daily exercise routine (as well as enjoying a couple extra glasses of wine).  Let’s ensure that we at least keep some of the newly acquired good habits. Whether it’s regular exercise, yoga, healthy eating, meditation etc, we encourage you to continue your journey in the beautiful surroundings of our island. Let us inspire you and your group to make your next holiday in Ibiza a healthy and wholesome one.

8. Don’t forget to relax

Don’t forget that the most important thing on a holiday is to relax and your villa in Ibiza is the perfect place to achieve this goal!  We all deserve a little pampering, make sure you take advantage of this downtime to enjoy the incredible selection of treatments available. We can assist you to transform your villa into a wellness sanctuary for your friends and family so you achieve all your wellness goals.


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