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We are currently experiencing a global shift towards more Eco-friendly, sustainable and conscientious tourism and Ibiza is leading the way.

The concerted efforts of both tourists and residents are the key to create trends that reduce the pressure and negative effects that tourist massification causes to the environment. By experiencing these issues, Ibiza has awaken to the need to act now and as a result, many on the island have been inspired to stand up to the challenges of the modern world and play their part in developing exciting Eco-friendly initiatives.

Our team are all long-term residents of the island and every year we try our best to give visitors access to best of what the island has to offer, away from just the usual popular hot spots and entertainment, and promote what we consider to be the most authentic, rewarding and alternative experiences. Below are just some of our top tips for staying green in 2020.

Outdoor Activities

Although Ibiza is renowned for its nightlife, beach clubs and party scene, there is much more to discovered for those who seek it. We would say that, in fact, its natural beauty remains above all else the main attraction.

Ibiza is spoilt with a favourable climate, warm turquoise waters, pristine beaches, rural countryside and untouched and secluded locations to be discovered. So why not get out and explore the great outdoors?

From mountain biking, sunrise yoga and hiking to kayak tours or experiencing sunset at sea on a paddle board, there is an abundance of activities to take part in both at sea and on land. Get the most out of these experiences with an eager local guide and discover the ins and outs of island’s history and ecosystem.

Eco Sailing

Love to experience the sea and charter a boat for the day? Why not try something different this summer and consider an Eco-catamaran experience? Powered only by wind and solar energy, an Eco-catamaran is currently the only boating experience in Ibiza which is totally Eco-friendly.

Relax under the sun on the boat’s open sprawling decks which are just touching distance above the stunning crystal-like waters. A satisfaction to the senses, being this close and in tune to the natural beauty of Ibiza will be ideally suited to those who long for the deep-rooted bohemian culture which Ibiza is so famous for.

It doesn’t stop there, passengers who embark on this Eco adventure will be treated to a selection of carefully thought out goodies such as locally sourced drinks, Eco sunscreen, organic towels and a delicious picnic all sourced from the crew’s local farm in Ibiza!

Eco Car Rental

Discovering the picturesque villages and rural countryside inland is a must when visiting Ibiza and for the environmentally mindful, Eco transportation is available.The Renault Zoe and E-Mehari run solely on electricity and don’t generate any harmful gasses.

Being a relatively small island, an electric car is more than capable of making a round trip in just one charge but you can now also find designated charging points dotted around all over the island, meaning you are never too far away from a power source. With an average charge time of 2 to 3 hours, you can simply enjoy a long lunch at the same time as your car restores its full power!

Conscious Farming, Shopping & Dining

One area in which Ibiza has really developed over recent years is in its investment and dedication to sustainable farming projects across the island. Farms now welcome visitors to come and enjoy an educational and serene trip around the grounds to see how they operate.

In addition to this, food shopping and eating out in Ibiza has become very much orientated towards delivering and showcasing the very best organic produce from the island. Find the freshest goods at local stores stamped by the local farm it came from and make sure to experience the delicious farm to table concepts at many innovative and creative restaurants dotted all around the island. Our concierge team would love to share some of their favourites with you!

Contact our team to discover more green initiatives going on in Ibiza and book your next eco holiday adventure with us!


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