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Concierge services

We create personalised itineraries designed to ensure you get the most out of your time in Ibiza. Take advantage of our extensive network of contacts and receive access to the very best services available on the island. If you are in need of inspiration, let our Ibiza concierge team guide you.


Our rental fleet covers all budgets and style preferences and our premium service ensures that your car is ready and waiting at either the airport or your accommodation. For those moments when you don't want to drive, our 24/7 private drivers are on call to get you from the airport and around the island in style and comfort.
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It all starts with finding the right stay. From luxury 5-star hotels to boutique escapes let us guide you on the best accommodation options in Ibiza.
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Discover Ibiza's epic coastlines and secret coves or cruise over to the beautiful white sandy shores of Formentera in style.

From luxury yachts to sailing boats, we have access to the best boats in Ibiza. No matter the group size or budget, we can find the right boat for the occasion.
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Private Chefs & Catering

Begin your gastronomic experience in Ibiza. Our handpicked private chefs can cater for your villa holiday or private event. No request is too big or too small, our chef services are tailored around you. Whether you require waiters, hosts, butlers or cocktail makers, our experienced team of personnel are on hand to service your needs.
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Ibiza offers a fantastic mixture of unique locations to choose from ranging from exclusive villas and rural countryside to secret coves and private beach clubs. With solid experience, unrivalled attention to detail and an extensive list of contacts in Ibiza, we will ensure that we make your dream event come true.
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Food & Drink Delivery

Ensure that your villa or yacht in Ibiza is well stocked up with food and drinks with our private shopping and delivery service. Our packages are designed using the best local and international brands.
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Being on holiday doesn't mean you have to drop your good habits. Our personal trainers, yoga instructors and tennis coaches are available for private sessions at your preferred location.

When it comes to relaxing, let us advise you on the best spas on the island or better yet, transform your luxury villa into a wellness sanctuary.
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Transform your villa space into something special. Let us inspire you on the unique ways you can surprise and entertain your guests in Ibiza.
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VIP Reservations

Day or night, we can recommend the perfect VIP experiences for your group. Discover the most sought after restaurants, beach clubs, night clubs and events in Ibiza.
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Activities & Experiences

From hiking and mountain biking to quad tours and cliff jumping, let us guide you on fun ways to discover the natural beauty of the island.

For sea lovers, calm and clear waters make Ibiza a perfect destination for water sports. From kayaking and SUP to more exciting activities like jet ski, wakeboard and diving, we've got you covered.
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Eco Travel

We love Ibiza’s natural beauty and want to help preserve it by introducing our clients to the best sustainable options for their holiday. Electric cars, eco- hotels, power free boats, organic produce and farmers market are just some of the fantastic options available for the conscientious traveller.
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Although Ibiza is a relatively safe place, some would prefer peace of mind during their stay. We collaborate with highly trained professionals who can provide you with specific and customised solutions, ranging from villa security to full personal security.
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