Ibiza 2020, a flash return to Ibiza’s true spirit?

As we prepare for an unusual 2020 season, we take a look at some of the positives we can expect from the summer ahead…

Over the coming weeks, we imagine that many of you will be pondering where the best holiday destination for this summer is or if it’s even wise to travel at all. In truth, there is no right or wrong answer, everybody needs to do whatever feels right to them, but what we can say is that Ibiza, being a small island far removed from the mainland and showing very little remaining cases of Covid-19, is certainly looking like a safe bet for 2020!

Looking on positively, we’ve compiled a brief summary of why we believe 2020 could present visitors a unique opportunity to reconnect with the true essence of Ibiza, somehow left behind during the last decade.

Nature at its best!

Having been in Ibiza since the 80s we can honestly say that the coastline has never looked so pristine. Crystal clear waters, cleaner beaches, fish swimming in numbers and even frequent dolphin sightings! We don’t know how long it will last, but for now it truly feels like the paradise we remember from the old days. Imagine visiting your favourite beaches this summer minus the crowds?

A new party scene?

2020 may not be the year for superclubs and sweating on the dancefloor until sunrise, but even if the big clubs don’t open (still to be confirmed), we would be very surprised if Ibiza was not capable of reinventing itself!

It is a little early to know exactly how things are going to pan out this summer, but we assume that the tendency will be to move the all the action outdoors, with lots more shows and parties taking place at beach clubs and other outdoor venues. Private villa parties are also looking up with people preferring to mingle with less but cooler party goers.

If you come to Ibiza this summer, be prepared to find smaller crowds, regular daytime parties and a more sophisticated, relaxed and discerning atmosphere. We don’t know about you, but we could certainly live with that!

More reasonable pricing and service with a smile

Overcrowded venues, scorching temperatures and overworked staff, have occasionally lead to poor service and a lackluster experience for many visitors here in Ibiza. Whilst we had already seen signs of a shift to improved customer service in the last two years and an improved offering, we have faith that this trend is here to stay, with many establishments currently trying extremely hard to adapt their spaces, menus, pricing and offering in light of the new circumstances.

With time to reflect and an opportunity to change for the best, we hope that 2020 will be the summer when the spotlight is firmly back on the customer and they receive the service they deserve, a more relaxed and genuine atmosphere and prices that won’t break the bank.

An opportunity to try more authentic experiences

It’s often said that one needs another holiday after returning from Ibiza! With a considerable entertainment offering, it’s sometimes difficult to fit everything into one or two weeks, so often visitors play it safe and go to all the ‘big name’ events and venues whilst missing out on some of the more authentic experiences and hidden gems.

We suggest that the slower paced 2020 season may just be the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in some new Ibiza experiences that allow you to become more familiar with its history, culture, people and outstanding natural beauty.

A friendlier atmosphere

Having gone through a very odd and nerve wracking couple of months, most of us are just happy to finally be able to go out freely and our see friends and family again. Following 2 weeks of relative normality and with most places still opening up, you can already feel a significantly calmer and friendlier vibe around the island that we hope will extend to the rest of the summer!

Despite Spain allowing international tourism from July, nobody quite knows yet how other countries will go opening their borders, the limitations that will be imposed or how many people will be willing to travel, but we truly believe that for those lucky enough, coming to Ibiza this season may be a unique opportunity to briefly reconnect with the true spirit of the island, almost forgotten in the last decade.

In the following weeks we will do our best to keep you informed of all new developments. Please get in touch for any Ibiza related questions or services!


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