Preview: New boats for 2021

We’re all dreaming of those summer days out at sea…

Cruising over to the white sandy shores of Formentera, hanging out with our best friends, music on, rose in hand and a delicious seafood lunch to look forward to. It really doesn’t get much better than that!

Whilst we spend the next couple of months plotting our way to the next boat day, let us share with you a preview of some of our new boating additions available for charter in Ibiza this summer.

Say 42

Low Emission Yachting

For the environmentally-conscious traveller that is still looking for something modern and cutting edge we have the perfect boating option for you.

The impressive SAY yachts are cleverly designed with hydrodynamic lightweight carbon hulls and low emission engines which allows them to reach impressive speeds in seconds all whilst using very little fuel in the process.

With a favourable modern design, luxury amenities and water toys included, the Say yachts are an exciting boating alternative in Ibiza.


De Antonio Yachts

Ranging from 33 to 50 feet, the De Antonio yachts are the perfect option for those seeking a yacht that is a little more understated than the rest yet still offers the quality and amenities of a luxury charter.

These brand new builds are both modern and stylish in design and with an 11 person capacity, they are a great option for both smaller and larger groups.

Untitled design

Fjord 41

Those familiar with the Fjord yachts will be familiar with their quality open design which is ideal for day trips, allowing guests to comfortably manoeuvre around deck and easily slip in and out for some sea refreshment.

This Fjord 41 is a new build with modern touches that joins our growing collection of Fjord yachts and is a great charter option for those looking for an alternative to the traditional Sunseeker style yacht.

Pershing 5x

Pershing 5X

For ultimate style and luxury, look no further than the Pershing 5X. This impressive new yacht comes with all the stylish modern touches and amenities you would come to expect with a luxury yacht charter in Ibiza.

With a 12 person capacity, the Pershing 5X is ideal for larger groups that want to spend the day in complete style and comfort without having to opt for something much larger.


Bronson 50

With an open design similar to the Vanquish yachts, the Bronson 50 is ideal for those seeking style, comfort and performance.

Smart, quality design and sleek black exterior ensure that its passengers will be attracting attention for all the right reasons this summer.

Like what you see? Contact our concierge team today for more information or stay connected to discover more exciting additions over the coming months.

As we understand the uncertainty regarding travel at the moment, we are working hard to ensure Covid cancellation policies are in place so that you can book ahead with confidence. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how to best navigate the planning process this summer.


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