Top hidden spots in Ibiza

Ibiza is an island full of hidden gems. If you look hard enough you never know what you might stumble on.

The beauty of Ibiza is that if you are willing to venture off the beaten track and steer clear of the usual tourist traps, you never know what kind of unspoilt oasis you might stumble across. The island is full of amazing natural locations which are only known by locals and those with insider info. If you are coming to Ibiza this summer and want to get adventurous and discover true escapism from everything else you usually expect of the island, then make sure you check out these 3 top hidden spots in Ibiza. We promise you won´t be disappointed!

Punta Galera

Punta Galera

Unlike anywhere else in Ibiza, Punta Galera is a truly magical spot with arguably one of the best sunset views on the island. The beauty of this location is that it is completely untouched and without a single chiringuito or sun lounger in sight. The sparkling blue waters and small rock pools around the cliff side also make it ideal for cooling off by diving and snorkelling.

How to get there

Punta Galera is located north of San Antonio somewhere in between Cala Gracio and Cala Salada. Follow a dusty road downhill until you come to a rocky patch where you can park your car. From there, follow the beaten track down the coastline until you see the spectacular flat rocks of Punta Galera!

Es Portixol

Es Portitxol

Without doubt one of the most spectacular and most hidden secret beaches in Ibiza. The beaten track down to Es Portitxol will take you about 30 minutes to walk but is certainly worth the adventure. At the bottom you will find a circular cove of crystal clear water, lined with rustic fisherman´s huts and surrounded by epic mountainside. More than anything, Es Portitxol offers true escapism in Ibiza and welcome getaway from the popular and crowded beaches.

How to get there

To get to Es Portitxol first you must follow a country road north and somewhere between San Mateu and San Miguel. You will then pass through a small residential area until you come to a parking spot at the end of the road. From here you will embark on a 30-minute hike downhill until you stumble across the beautifully secluded Es Portitxol!

Atlantis Ibiza


Centuries ago the rock was quarried from this location and used to build the walls of the Ibiza Old Town. As a result, visitors are now treated to an oasis of rock pools, caves and unusual and interesting rock formations unlike anywhere else on the island. Over the years visitors to Atlantis have also contributed by adding their own artistic touches to the surroundings, making a trip to Atlantis a visually enchanting experience.

How to get there

Located in the south west of the island, follow directions to Cala d´Hort before going off track towards Torre de Savinar. From here you will be able to park your car before taking on the challenging walk down to the famous Atlantis!


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