Weekly boat charters in Ibiza

Rent a yacht or sailing boat for a week to explore the natural beauty and exclusive vibe of the Balearic Islands.

Nothing truly beats cruising on the tranquil and crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. You may have already visited Ibiza before and stayed at a hotel or villa rental but if you’ve never tried sailing and exploring the coast of Ibiza, then why not try something new this year?

With a favourable climate during the summer months, waters generally calm and sufficiently warm to swim and practice water sports, Ibiza is a perfect destination to make the most of your boat holiday vacation.

When chartering a boat for a day you have limited time to really discover what the island has to offer, pristine beaches, turquoise waters and secret enclaves, with most day charter boats always choosing the same locations that can become crowded. Having a full week on your own boat is a totally different experience, you will have ample time to explore more remote corners of the island, adventure into the best hidden beaches and even go further North and explore the neighbouring Mallorca and Menorca.

So what are the highlights and advantages of spending your holiday on a boat instead of a traditional land based break?

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1. You can enjoy a different location every night without having to pack and unpack

The major benefit of being boat based is that you have the possibility to wake up each morning in a stunning new location without having to disturb any established comforts. The variety of experiences that a weekly yacht charter can offer in unmatched.

2. Ibiza is an international boating hub

As such it is well equipped to meet all the needs of clients arriving on yachts. With many mobile services on offer, guests on board will never have to worry about a shortage of provisions, special catering arrangements, spa services, onboard DJs/parties, reservations in the most sought-after restaurants and clubs and inland private transportation. The list goes on.

3. Ultimate privacy

A hotel or a villa can offer different levels of space and seclusion, but only from a boat can you enjoy unlimited privacy, with the ability by being able to choose your position always and being able to move to a new location if you think that a place has become a little too crowded. No better way to spend those long summer days than relaxing on your deck with no more company than rolling waves and the stunning Mediterranean scenery.

4. Reach places not otherwise accessible

No doubt that Ibiza and Formentera have stunning beaches, but they can get really busy, particularly during peak months. No matter how sensational a beach may be, it becomes much less attractive when you are forced to share it with hundreds of holidaymakers. Escape the crowds and find your own piece of paradise.

5. Spend some time in Formentera

Formentera is the gem of the Balearic Islands and only half an hour away from Ibiza. With Caribbean like beaches and transparent waters, you will surely want to stick around and spend a couple of days exploring its amazing shores.

6. Thrill seekers heaven

If you enjoy a little action, then a boat holiday is definitely for you. You will be able to engage in a variety of water sports from the comfort of your boat. From more traditional sea pastimes such as snorkelling or water skiing to playing with the more sophisticated and newer toys (Jet Skis, Seabobs, Flyboard etc), having your own boat allows you to participate in fun sea activities which the whole group can enjoy together.

7. Party in style

Attend the best events and parties inland and return to the safe haven of your boat. Nothing beats arriving to a beach club party on your boat and being able to leave whenever you want without having to deal with traffic, taxis and parking etc. Also, if your boat is moored in one of the Ibiza ports, you will be walking distance from some of the coolest venues in the island!


If you want more information about renting a boat in the Balearic Islands, please contact us. We have access to a large catalogue of boats operating in the Mediterranean and work only with reliable and fully insured suppliers. Our assistance won’t be limited to booking your boat, we will also take care of all the other logistics and reservations for your trip.


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